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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The aftermath

I was successful in getting my ruby glass portrait vases, aren't they beautiful??!!

One of the great or not so great (depending on whether you are me or my husband) things about working in this industry is you get to know where all the other bailiff seizures/auctions in your city are. I picked these up at the Sherwood Park Antique Mall on Kasa Drive yesterday. The remainder of their stock is being sold by auction today and tomorrow, January 28th and 29th.

I have to start preparing for the auctioneers convention in Red Deer this week. It is my first so I am a little unsure what to expect. Prior to this my only experience with conventions has been doll conventions and I can't see this being nearly as much fun.
Next auction is scheduled for February 26th and we have tons of great stuff again!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spending money before it's earned aka January 22nd Auction at Wards

Here are some of the pieces I will be watching and or bidding on at our Sunday January 22 sale.
This is a beautiful Knechtel dining suite in the Regency style with a chest on chest china cabinet, table, two leaves and six chairs. The corner cabinet is the very next lot and was separated from the suite owing to the fact that dining rooms aren't as big as they used to be and most may not accomodate such a large suite.

Lovely, lovey Minton for Birks dinner service. The picture truly doesn't do it justice. Unfortunately it is not a full set but what fun could be had in tracking down completing pieces. Also in this lot is three Royal Bayreuth plates that in today's new style of mixing china, co-ordinate beautifully.

Sterling Victorian coffee pot... enough said.

Jasperware by Wedgwood tea service and cup and saucer. I love the almost robin's egg blue colour and the intricate grecian style detailing. This set is mint!

This tea pot, cream and sugar is definitely favorite. I am a huge fan of blue and white and love silver. The brilliant silver overlay against this cobalt blue porcelain is stunning. Also included in this lot are two Worcester egg coddlers. I have never coddled an egg but am not afraid to try it!

These are some of the things I am looking forward to this coming auction and I get to bid just like everyone else so we will see.... fingers crossed
Wages, what wages??? I plan on spending it all at the sale

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Blog

Being absolutely crap at updating my first blog I have decided to do a second blog (it's an idea, not a great idea). I work at an Antique and Estate Auction Company and every month things come in that I absolutely fall in love with and then they are sold so I thought perhaps someone would be interested in what comes in and what goes out and what I end up spending my hard earned cash on because god bless, willpower is not my strongest suit.

We have an auction coming up on the weekend and we have some divine items for sale, I have already filled out my absentee bid card as it is hard to bid and work at the same time. My first blog is about an estate we had the pleasure of getting for auction. Last Friday we were able to go in the house and pack up what we wanted for our sales and leave the rest behind for donation to the Church. I can't tell you how lovely it is to be able to pick and chose instead of having to pack up everything.
click on pictures to see larger images

don't you just love Spode???

Here is a picture of all the silver I cleaned for this auction, I am totally out of elbow grease. I would like to say that normally I don't go to all this trouble for silverplate (very little monetary value), but I was a crow in my last life and I love the look of gleaming silver and it makes the auction room look nice too. There is some lovely Old Sheffield plate amongst this lot and of course Sterling. I will explain the difference between silverplate and Sheffield plate in a later post.